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Vinyl Turned edge heat sealed binder w/2 color silkscreen                                                                                                                                

Castilian vinyl binder foam padded with one color foil stamping blind deboss and perimeter stitching.

Landscape style Castilian vinyl binder foam padded with foil deboss and perimeter stitching.

Heat sealed scuba vinyl binder with extra deep deboss to emphasize the tire marks and one color foil stamping.

Vinyl flip chart easel (tent) binder with 3 round rings and one color silkscreen.

Vinyl Embedment flip chart easel binder.

Vinyl binder with embedment in the front and spine.

Vinyl heat sealed binder with aplique on the front and spine,spine aplique is one color silkscreen,front aplique is 2 an 3 color silkscreen,binder is also padded.

Heat sealed antique brown vinyl binder with silver foil stamping.

Vinyl binder with embedded sheets in front and spine.